Thursday, December 9, 2010

Status Quo vs Wikileaks, Status Quo vs Common Good

The cause of recurring errors should be looked for in the system and not in the people, Deming said. Poverty is a recurring error (ok, this is mine).

He may have used different words, but his ideas were as clear as this. To get some context, you should understand Deming started pointing this out after Taylorism had already concluded that workers (many of whom were probably immigrants at the time who had trouble communicating in English) were stupid and needed to be told how to avoid errors and do a better job, and to be paid extra to work hard because.. -ironic mode on- of course, they were lazy too -ironic mode off/-.

Capitalism, suffers from the same basic belief. That we are essentially bad, as western religions teach as (you shouldn't have bitten that apple), and we need a carrot in front of our noses to push society forward. A system propelled by the dream of reaching the joys of excess, failing to see the problem of unlimited accumulation of wealth (ever saw a bank account overflow and drop even a penny onto others?..). The idea crumbles when confronted with the unmet basic needs of the many (“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”.. thank you Mr Spock).
And its stupidity (not Spoks, capitalism stupidity) seems unmatchable when confronted with some plain facts.
So when I read that the first private spacecraft, SpaceX's Falcon 9, has finally reached orbit, I cannot help to hear that voice in the back of my head that says: "So what?.. Haven't humanity already reached the moon?". Sure, by a capitalist system, that currently is suffering a bit.

There are some things that from my point of view should belong to humanity as a whole. For example, knowledge. Knowledge should be freely shared to allow humanity to move forward as a whole.
If we were able to reach the moon almost 50 years ago, imagine where we could be now if that knowledge would had been shared. Imagine how faster research to cure illnesses could move forward if there was full collaboration between lab researchers instead of the need of isolation to prevent the loss of an strategic advantage that could turn into profit.

The value of life clashes against consumerism, and yet we accept if. Or most of us do. And from inaction we support the status quo. And when common good collides with profits it hardly wins, because common good is not an objective of the system nor of the those in power.

On the other side no communist system has been able to escape from becoming some sort of dictatorship, just falling behind, or finishing in a combination of both, that just exploits its people almost as slaves (hello China). And more moderate socialist states seem mere puppets of a financial system that makes them roll over their alleged ideals.
Alternative ideas for better systems exist, but have not yet proven that they could work, nor that they could prevent the problem of becoming another form of dictatorship (or technocracy..).

And yet, under any of these systems, we tend to say nothing when faced by problems. Maybe because deep inside we believe we must also be partially guilty of that latest bust of the financial/economic bubble. Sometimes just turning into disbelief of the systems we live under.

So when the status quo, in this case democratic governments (please tell me who voted for a war against wikileaks?), forget about their high ideals of freedom, free speech and free press, to attack an organization that just doesn't play for their best interest because it can bring to light facts that can turn the masses against them, we can't allow ourselves to not say anything.
When we notice that governments worldwide seem to converge into increasingly policed states and human rights fall behind, we can't indulge ourselves with the luxury of inaction.

Please sign the Wikileaks petition.

To access Wikileaks just do a search in any search engine for "wikileaks mirror" or search for related articles.
Here you have one list (wikileaks has lost its domain and this page could be lost in the fire of the ongoing cyber war):