Monday, March 29, 2010

The dark side of the iPad

Apple's iPad, soon to be released to the public, may be seen as the latest new toy everyone would love to play with at this moment. But, as the Kindle from Amazon, it paves the way to the definitive move away from the printed reading -a decaying business- and into the digital era for books, newspapers, magazines, etc.
If you consider for a second that this may make Apple one of the biggest channels of distribution for written content, as it happened with music with iTunes, you may start to see how a company that arbitrary decides what gets published or not could be not so great. If they are already pushing (or threatening?..) magazines to change their format if they want to get on the iPad, what would stop them from arbitrary (Steve Jobs way..) influencing tomorrow what news is distributed or what political books are included or not..
Many say that famous old add featuring Apple as a force for freedom against big brother has now very little to do with the current ways of the company..

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