Saturday, March 20, 2010

Curing aging

Longer life expectancy comes along with more aging related diseases. Extending quality of life and reaching for immortality is a dream that has been around since humans became aware of their own mortality.
Nobody sees death as a good thing. All adults start, eventually, to experience and suffer the effects of aging. But a frontal direct approach to finding "a cure" is not even consider as an option by most scientist that simply see this as an impossible task, or not as an actual problem (or resolvable problem).
But science is advancing at an increasing speed in this field, and although significant results have arguably not been reached yet, many things seem more possible now than ever before.
With this in mind, a gathering of great minds has been put together to accomplish just that, a full frontal attack on the problem with a team of interdisciplinary experts. Following the example of what was done to reach the goal of creating the first atomic bomb in project Manhattan.
The Manhattan Beach Project is the name of this new project, and the results from it are already very exciting.
See for example this presentation where a new technology that can turn back the clock of aging on individual cells is explained:

More information:

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