Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vox populi: scientists are crap nowadays.. :(

After reading the following first comment under this article:
"Before men get too impressed with themselves, lead author Jennifer Hughes offers some words of caution: Just because the Y chromosome, which determines gender, is evolving at a speedy rate it doesn't necessarily mean men themselves are more evolved." can you argue with a scientific statement like that? Excuse me while I extricate my tongue from my cheek. And, "A few years ago some researchers even suggested the Y chromosome was shrinking so that in 50.000 years it would just disappear--and so would men." Once again, and as usual so called scientists can't keep their personal prejudices and political agenda from determining the result of their research. Just like the supposed mother of all mankind originating in Africa. You really can't believe a single word out of the mouth of scientists today. The same goes for AGW. Absolutely pathetic, the contagion of politics in science is a real sickness.

I was wondering...... Could the problem be that scientists just don't understand the scientific method?...

Talking with a friend that should fall in the scientist category I also often wonder.. how could opinion be raised above the scientific method by scientist?...

It seems to happen.. and result in negative reactions.

I still trust scientists in general, but they could definitely use some PR advice..

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