Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google's superphone made by htc is here to challenge the iPhone

Although it appeared on stage with a crappy sci-fi movie name, Google's Nexus One is already cracking the floor under Apple's iPhone ruling domain.
The first thing that Google got right is its integration with the web. If you are a web addict, like most people nowadays, and you would like to for example check your facebook while listening to pandora or blip, then you'll probably want a Nexus, because you just can't do that on the iPhone.
A second thing is it stylish look.
In contrast, the iPhone responsiveness is still better, it still responds faster. But that's something that will probably evolve in the new phone along with the possibilities Android brings. From listening to mp3 (and not just to private format apple owned music), capturing pictures with its 5 megapixels camera and tweeting them, following a 3d map, or writing a message or email using just your voice.. A lot of interesting stuff could come with it.
Although hopefully the next one will have a better name, and some more Google bleeding-edge-tech spice.

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